Ostrich The Healthy Red Meat Choice

Did you know ostrich is a low fat, low calorie, high iron, high protein, healthy red meat.

Compare: Nutrient Comparison (per 3.5 oz. of cooked lean meat)

Species - Protein % - Fat Grams - Calories - Iron MG - Cholesterol MG
Ostrich      26.9                2.5               140             3.2                  83

Chicken      28.9                7.4               190            1.2                   89

Turkey        29.3                5.0               170            1.8                   76

Beef            29.9                9.3               211            3.0                   86

Pork            29.3                9.7               212            1.1                   86


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What is Alpha-Gal?

     Alpha-gal…have you heard of this term recently but unsure what it is?
Alpha-gal is a sugar molecule found in most mammals; but not in humans, birds, fish or reptiles.  It can be found in red meat and the products made from mammals, including gelatin and milk products.

     The Alpha-gal Syndrome is a food allergy to mammal meat that is most often caused by a Lone Star tick bite.  The tick will carry the alpha-gal sugar molecules from animals to humans, which then triggers an immune system reaction that produces allergic reactions to red meat. Symptoms of the alpha-gal syndrome commonly appear a few hours after eating red meat, or exposure to the products containing alpha-gal, so it may be hard to identify at first.   The Lone Star tick is primarily located in southeastern and eastern US, but not limited to this region.

     Since the AGS is specific to mammalian meats and products, those that suffer from it can eat ostrich safely since it’s a bird.  Ostrich is a red meat, similar in taste and appearance to beef.  Ostrich meat is available in several different cuts, giving those with AGS great options to replace beef and pork.  It is also a healthy, nutritious meat source as an added bonus!

     Do you know someone that has AGS?  We are located in Southern IL with a store for shopping and to pick-up orders, and we also ship nation wide.  We know there are many aspects of AGS that we continue to learn about from our customers everyday. We would love to help or answer any questions you may have about incorporating ostrich into your diet!

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